Take a look at Woolzies Dryer Balls and Essential Oils

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Take a look at Woolzies Dryer Balls and Essential Oils

[/vc_wp_text]Tucked away in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley is a growing laundry revolution! Out of options that met her standards for a natural household, Kathy Marks began making her own solutions for her family of 7. So was born WOOLZIES, which started with their signature wool dryer balls, and now encompasses personal care products, laundry and household supplies and essential oils.


Best Selling wool dryer ball in the USA

From these ingenious beginnings, The WOOLZIES All Natural Dryer Ball has become the #1 selling wool dryer ball in the USA. Remove static and add natural scents to your warm laundry with WOOLZIES range of essential oils applied to Woolzies dryer ball for the freshest smelling garments and linens.

The WOOLZIES roster includes all nature detergents featuring fragrance-free as well as naturally sourced proprietary blends of scents for any household- free from phthalates, sulfates, dyes and other harmful compounds.


Woolzies Essential Oils

Woolzies essential oil range can be used with WOOLZIES carrier oils and body butters for natural personal care that you can tailor to suit to your taste. With their ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers, you can have a house that smells just as you like it, simply and naturally without worry.


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