Frey for Men

Frey for Men
Better for you. Better for others. Better for the world. At FREY, we believe exceptional products not only positively impact the user, but the world as well. We build our brand around the belief that we can, and should, leave everything a little better than how we found it. So, feel great, knowing that by choosing FREY, you are making a difference. REY formulations are created with primarily natural content and exclude harmful chemicals found in most other detergents. We utilize a more readily biodegradable surfactant blend: an eco-friendly hybrid made from natural, renewable and synthetic feedstocks. Our concentrated designs and distribution systems help remove unnecessary fillers and waste. FREY products eliminate chemicals which can be harmful to both peoples’ garments and the environment, chemicals such as OBA’s, FBA’s, and phosphates.
  • Harwood, Maryland, United States (US)
  • 617-803-3483
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