Mini Artisan Cutting & Serving Board


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Our popular Artisan style board, in a delightfully “mini” size. Excellent as a cheese board, or for serving charcuterie, this handsome board is a work of art in your kitchen.

The unique, slightly oblong design is and shaped and finished. Tied off with a waxed cotton tie to store this beauties front and center in your kitchen.

11″ L x 6 1/4″ W x 5/8″ H

Hand finished with food-safe natural oil
Does not impart or absorb flavors
Hand wash in warm soapy water
We recommend Bamboo Goo to keep your bamboo beautiful for years.
Item # 026611
See our original Artisan Cutting and Serving Board here.

When designing the Artisan board, we set out to create a cutting and serving board that was more organic, and asymmetrical in shape. This board required several rounds in development to get the shape just right.

Certified Vegan Product
Certified USDA Organic Product
Born in Portland, Oregon. Proudly made in China. We come from a place that prides itself on local, homegrown, and eco-friendly values. We relocated to a place that's often criticized for its manufacturing processes. We thought to ourselves, "How can we infuse the best of Portland with the native resources endemic to China? Several years later, our small production and development team continues to design local products that we proudly share with the rest of the world.
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