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This luxurious makeup remover is made from organic & cold pressed, sustainably harvested oils that naturally and effectively remove impurities from your skin. High quality oil cleansers lift makeup and dirt from the skin without stripping it of its natural sebum (oil). Cold pressed pumpkin seed oil is a rich source of Omega fatty acids to nourish the skin along with minerals like Zinc and Selenium which enable the skin to regenerate healthy new cells. Cold Pressed Apricot kernel oil is a great source of vitamin A & C to protect delicate skin cells from scarring and environmental toxin exposure. Expeller Pressed Sunflower Seed Oil is a light oil rich in Omegas and linolenic acid to protect and nourish the skin cells without clogging pores. All of these oils are non comedogenic and are enhanced with antimicrobial and cellular regenerative essential oils of Neroli, Geranium & Sweet Orange which were steam distilled or cold pressed and harvested sustainably with Fair trade practices. These oils are ideal for oily, sensitive ad aging skin as they are gentle yet highly effective at cleansing without clogging pores.

I N S T R U C T I O N S F O R U S E : Have a wash cloth on hand and warm/hot water. Wet face with warm water and apply a dime or nickel sized amount of cleansing oil onto hand. Using finger tips massage Cleansing Oil into face in an upward motion. It will become milky white as the water and oil are combined. Place hot wash cloth over face and press into skin until it cools. Gently wipe impurities off of face. Repeat wiping gently until impurities disappear.

Made in USA
Glo Luxury Oils is committed to creating and delivering 100% natural and organic products to nourish, protect and regenerate your skin without compromising on health, safety, quality or sustainability. All ingredients are sourced from farms around the globe that are wild crafted, free of chemicals, herbicides or pesticides and are of fair trade value. We are committed to using and selling only high quality, vibrant, therapeutic grade essential oils and cold pressed organic carrier oils. Beginning in summer of 2016, our founder, Megan will be visiting farms in the U.S. with the intent to hand select the essential oils for our products. This level of integrity and passion will only raise the vibration and connection to glo Luxury Oils, offering you a farm to skin product! All of our products are made fresh weekly and stored in ideal conditions to maintain the integrity of the oils: kept in dark bottles and a cool, dark environment of 65 degrees fahrenheit. Because our products are made fresh weekly, we do not keep a high volume sitting on shelves for very long; therefore we do our best to ship your product within the next business day after you place your order. The essential oils and carrier oils used have a shelf life of 2-3 years if stored and bottled as mentioned above.
Learn More About Glo Luxury Oil


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