Baby Diapers (size 1+2) Fragrance-free


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Mini (Size 1+2) | 36 diapers
Did you know a newborn can use 3,650 to 4,380 diapers in her first year alone? That’s eight to 10 diapers a day! That’s a lot of waste (excuse the pun). That’s why ATTITUDE’s size 1+2 diapers are a worry-free, less wasteful alternative to traditional disposable diapers for babies over 6-15 lbs. Equally effective, absorbent and comfy, they are made from renewable and biodegradable ingredients. Our diapers are also carbon neutral and sustainable, making them among the most environmentally friendly option available.

Cruelty Free
Certified Vegan Product
Fragrance Free
We're on a journey to (re)discover the beauty in the mundane, nature's marvels and the incredible mysteries that go unnoticed in our every day lives. With a child-like sense of curiosity, it's like experiencing the world for the first time - every time.
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