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The whole point of appetizers is to look, well … appetizing. Have you ever noticed that is easier on a natural-grained tray?

That’s why we craft our gorgeous appetizer tray out of sustainably harvested bamboo. This finely honed piece of art features a fresh contemporary design with an elegant finish, providing the perfect backdrop to little kebabs, canapés, tea sandwiches and finger foods of all ilk. Not only that … some say the tray even improves the flavor, believe it or not.

Plus this little beauty is a breeze to own. Slightly curved interior corners make cleaning easy, while the hand-finished wood neither imparts nor absorbs flavors. It is hand finished with food-safe natural oil and simple to wash by hand in warm, soapy water. If you want to keep your bamboo young and beautiful for years, we recommend Bamboo Goo.

Hand finished with food-safe natural oil
Does not impart or absorb flavors
Hand wash in warm soapy water
We recommend Bamboo Goo to keep your bamboo beautiful for years.
Large Tray only, 10″ x 6″, item #01501

Our Serveware collection of trays, bowls, and utensils are made of bamboo laminates. The Serveware range is ‘carbonized’ to a rich golden brown. This means that the bamboo is oven baked and involves no stains or dyes. The Serveware collection is proudly made in China. The group we work with is organized as a cooperative. That means the craftspeople are involved in setting the pricing levels.

Our producers only use water-based formaldehyde-free adhesives. No animal products are used in the ingredients or in the production process. All products are hand sanded and finished using a food-safe oil produced from vegetable oils and waxes.

Certified Vegan Product
Certified USDA Organic Product
Born in Portland, Oregon. Proudly made in China. We come from a place that prides itself on local, homegrown, and eco-friendly values. We relocated to a place that's often criticized for its manufacturing processes. We thought to ourselves, "How can we infuse the best of Portland with the native resources endemic to China? Several years later, our small production and development team continues to design local products that we proudly share with the rest of the world.
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