Our Story

We created the GreenLine Market because we believe in empowering people to make a personal and global impact by putting healthy, environmentally-friendly, and cause-based brands at the forefront of their everyday living.

We curate and promote the safest, most effective products on the market —from established well-known brands, to the up-and-coming.

Why, given the power of the Internet, online search engines, and big data, is it still so time consuming to find and purchase the healthy, environmental and socially-responsible products when there are so many great options available?

Why is there no central place that empowers people to shop exclusively toward a healthier lifestyle, offering choice, information and customization with filters for values and certifications that are important to people and their families?

Welcome to GreenLine

The GreenLine Market team was built by a group of entrepreneurs that understand and are leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver a transparent and customizable shopping experience to people wishing to shop their values.

It’s no secret that people are interested in living more mindfully—shifting the way they think about their health and their role in the health of the planet. This new lifestyle places value on quality products that put purpose first. This new mindset seeks more options, less compromise, and zero complications. But until now, a one-stop shop for these goods and services has been difficult to find.