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The Mind-Body Connection: How They Co-Depend On Each Other

The Mind-Body Connection How They Co-Depend On Each Other - The GreenLine Market

What Is The Mind-Body Connection?

Everyone has heard the saying “healthy body, healthy mind” but few people are aware of exactly how much of a powerful connection exists between these two entities. For hundreds of years, the mind and body connection was recognized as a symbiotic relationship and a connected entity by medical professionals. Yet, many moved away from this belief during the 17th century and started treating the mind and the body as completely separate.   The mind-body connection is becoming popular again in scientific research. Many studies have been carried out to test the correlation between the health of our body and our mind. Many have now realized how much of an impact our mental state can have on our physical health and vice versa. As we become more focused on self-care and self-healing practices, there is growing importance in recognizing this relationship and learning how to influence the mind and body connection.

The Mind-Body Connection: How They Co-Depend On Each Other - The GreenLine Market

Why It Is Important To Be Mindful Of This Connection

Many people live their lives without realizing how our thoughts and emotions can play havoc on our physical well-being. Or how the way that we treat our bodies can impact our mental state. As the mind-body connection happens on both a physical and chemical level, our biological functioning is more in tune with our emotional state than we may believe. For example, when we become stressed it is not uncommon for us to begin experiencing headaches or start feeling lethargic. This our body’s natural response to this particular emotional state. Similarly, after going to the gym and getting a rush of adrenaline we are more likely to experience feelings of optimism or joy. Understanding and being mindful of this connection is key to helping people noticing when something is wrong. Oftentimes, when we start feeling ill we can pass this off as catching a virus or a cold. Yet, it could be down to something that is happening on a more emotional and mental level.   Keeping this in mind allows you to investigate the ways that our bodies and minds react to the mind-body connection and determine the best course of action to take.

The Mind-Body Connection How They Co-Depend On Each Other - The GreenLine Market

Feeling Low? Your Gut May Be To Blame

One of the most common connections that medical professionals and scientists have discovered is that between our mind and our gut. The state of our gut health can determine our mental health too. Individuals who have an imbalance of bad bacteria in their gut may be more prone to depression and anxiety. It is also known that experiencing emotional states such as anxiety or fear can disrupt our digestive system.   So, the next time that you are feeling a little down or low, it is important to ensure that you are practising good gut health. There are many probiotic foods and supplements which you can take to boost your physical health and your mind’s health.


Top Body-Mind Therapies To Try

The effects that mind and body therapies can have are hard to ignore. Many people have been turning to more holistic forms of exercise and relaxation to promote both a healthy body and a healthy mind. As you begin to become more aware of this connection, it may be beneficial to start practising some of these therapies yourself.   Below, we mention some of our favourite therapies to practice during times of self-care or to realign the mind and body connection.

The Mind-Body Connection How They Co-Depend On Each Other - The GreenLine Market


Meditation is beneficial for becoming aware of our thoughts and our body’s current state. Through the art of meditation and mindfulness, you will learn how to acknowledge and accept your emotional states. This, in turn, allows us to improve how we relate to certain events and experiences that take place in our personal lives.   Practising meditation on a regular basis allows you to create a more spacious way of living that is less reactive and happier.

The Mind-Body Connection How They Co-Depend On Each Other - The GreenLine Market


The ability to unwind and de-stress at the end of the day can do wonders in both our personal and professional lives. Yoga is a great example of a mind and body therapy that allows this to occur. Yoga incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses that reduce stress and tension. Both in our minds and our bodies.   If you experience anxiety or stress on a regular basis, this therapy can be beneficial for teaching you how to manage emotions and feelings. Most of all, yoga provides an opportunity for us to become more present and centre the mind.

The Mind-Body Connection How They Co-Depend On Each Other - The GreenLine Market


Biofeedback is another essential therapy to practice when improving the mind-body connection. The aim of this therapy is to learn how to harness the power of the mind to gain control over our physical health. Often used for the treatment of migraines, this therapy teaches us how to control bodily processes that are normally involuntary such as muscle tension. Many people who suffer from depression or anxiety find biofeedback therapy helpful.

The Mind-Body Connection How They Co-Depend On Each Other - The GreenLine Market


Relaxation techniques such as using essential oils are also recommended when aligning the mind and body connection. Essential oils stimulate and boost our mental health especially in regards to anxiety and depression. There are many ways that essential oils can be used for relaxation purposes such as diffusion, massage or as a bath additive.   If you are having trouble sleeping lavender oil is very beneficial or if you are looking for a burst of energy try Aura Cacia’s Bergamot and Orange spray. When used in conjunction with other mind and body therapies, essential oils are an effective form of relaxation.


Taking Control Of Your Health: A Way To A Healthier Life

A healthy mind-body connection is something that we can all achieve. By staying in tune with our thoughts and physical health on a regular basis we can ensure that this connection stays aligned. Therapies such as yoga, meditation and using relaxation techniques can help us to fix imbalances and leads to a healthier life in the long run.


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