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Healthy Office Snacks: Are Your Work Treats Actually Good For You?

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Healthy Office Snacks: Are your work treats actually good for you?

Healthy Office Snacks - Blog

Office Treats: we need to be paying more attention to what we snack on

We sell healthy, organic office snacks to offices every month across the U.S. and offer discounts along with a concierge service to select products based on your co-worker’s allergies, diets and lifestyle preferences (subscriptions are optional). If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help you!
We are all snack at work. Whether it’s someone’s birthday and a cake is being passed around or your desk neighbour has been baking cookies again. While having an office treat every now and again isn’t necessarily bad, we do need to become more aware of what we’re snacking on.

Office environments are now notorious as places for people to reach for easy and accessible snack options. According to research studies, some working adults can consume up to 1,300 calories per week from office treats that they get for free at work alone. Worrying, right?

But how good are these treats for us really? The likely answer is not very. If the only snacks that we have available to us are full of processed sugars and fats then you can guarantee it is doing you more bad than good.

We aren’t saying that you can’t snack at all. Let’s face it, we all love a bit of mindless snacking when filling out those dreaded spreadsheets. But next time you are reaching for an office treat take a minute to stop and think. Is there a healthier option to tie you over until your next meal? It’ll do your body the world of good, believe us.

Healthy Office Snacks - Blog - 02 - The GreenLine Market

Benefits of having healthy work snacks

Like most office employees, we all have busy and demanding weeks on a regular basis. For that reason, it is important that we and our companies are making sure that office spaces are kept full of healthy, nutritious food.

It’s no surprise that healthy and organic office snacks are going to be much more beneficial for helping you get through the afternoon slump than yet another sugar-coated doughnut. Not quite ready to give up your favorite work snack?  Maybe these benefits will convince you otherwise. 

Healthy Office Snacks - Blog - 03 - The GreenLine Market

Enhances productivity

Think about it…making the decision to nurture yourself with an organic, plant-based office snack is not only going to provide benefits for your physical health but also your mind too. 

To stay on peak performance all day, we need to maintain our energy levels. And the best way to do that is by making sure that we are eating well during the day. Food provides us with glucose which helps to keep our brains alert. By consuming too much sugar, we can cause our energy levels to spike too quickly and inevitably, lead to a period of ‘brain fog’ when we finally crash. 

Organic office snacks like a vegan Thunderbird Real Food bar allow us to get the nutrients and energy we need to keep performing at our best. Having these snacks easily at hand in the office also means that we aren’t tempted to stray too far away from our desks, letting us get more work done and be more productive. 

Healthy Office Snacks Blog - 04 - The GreenLine Market

Helps improve our mood

As well as keeping us productive, having healthy office snacks at our disposal can actually help to improve our mood. 

Have you ever been so busy or stressed out with an upcoming deadline that you’ve chosen to go without food and work on an empty stomach? Chances are you were less than delightful to deal with. When we go without any giving our bodies the right kind of nourishment, our blood sugar levels drop which can hugely impact how efficient we are and how we feel. 

Choosing the easy and unhealthy snack option is only going to make you feel worse. Yes, that means chocolate too! Treats such as fruit, nuts or vegan snacks will be much more beneficial for keeping your blood sugar level stable and your happiness levels up.

Healthy Office Snacks Blog - 05 - The GreenLine Market

Keeps the hunger pangs at bay

Stuck in client meetings for the day? Rushed out of your apartment this morning and forgot your home-cooked lunch in the refrigerator? It happens to the best of us. 

By having the option to choose from a range of healthy office snacks at your workplace, it means that you don’t have to worry about getting rid of those hunger pangs in the wrong way. We believe that all companies should keep their kitchen areas stocked up with a bulk of organic, gluten-free office snacks and treats for employees to enjoy. 

So whether you are rushing out to meet a client or don’t want to face paying another $15 for lunch, reaching for a healthy snack option in work means you can keep your body fueled and satisfied until the workday is over.

Healthy Office Snacks Blog- 06 - The GreenLine Market

Creates a great work culture

One of the biggest benefits that many companies see when they provide their employees with healthy snack options is improved work culture. 

Many workplaces provide treats and snacks as a perk to boost employee engagement. Not only does it send the right message to your team but it also can make them feel valued and appreciated. But when these perks are only provided through a vending machine stocked with unhealthy options, it doesn’t quite say valuing an employee’s wellbeing, does it? 

We all love having a communal area where we can let off a little bit of steam and step away from our computer screens. When these areas are supplied with healthy, organic snack options it will allow us to continue enjoying the social aspect of the workplace while keeping our bodies energized and healthy.

Healthy Office Snacks Blog - 07 - The GreenLine Market

Why health & wellness should be made a top priority in workplaces

It’s not surprising that employee engagement is continuing to sink in companies all across America. Hitting deadlines is often placed more highly on the priority list than that of an employee’s wellbeing. Although performing well is important, it should never be more important than the health and happiness of employees. 

At GreenLine Market, we believe that all companies should have an effective health and wellness program in place for their employees. This program can include anything from free yoga classes, a mental health day policy or meditation retreats. 

Studies show that the right employee wellness program can not only lower health risks but also improve productivity and enthusiasm. Not sure where your company should start? Our top tip is to start off simple by buying gluten-free and dairy-free office snacks and organic supplements in bulk for your office environment. 

Whether you are in company management, the HR department or work at reception you can start making a change in your office environment today by supplying your colleagues with products that promote good health.

Healthy Office Snacks Blog - 08 - The GreenLine Market

Swapping doughnuts for healthy clean snacks: the best office snacks to buy in bulk

Here at the GreenLine Market, we’d swap doughnuts for health work treats any day of the week. Wondering which ones are the best to help you finally kick that afternoon work chocolate addiction to the curb? 

We stock organic and plant-based office snack options including crackers, snack bars, nuts, candy and chocolate. Discover brands and products such as You Love Fruit Super Fruit candyWoodstock Wasabi Pea snacks and Unreal Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

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