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Eco-Friendly Homes on Airbnb

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Eco-Friendly Homes on Airbnb


Learn and recover eco-friendly homes on Airbnb. Oh the adventure and comfort of travelling! It broadens our minds, soothes our bodies and souls and allows us to develop. Unfortunately traveling does not make the planet quite so happy. The hotel industry alone accounts for 60 million tons of CO2 emissions annually, largely due to the industrial style wastefulness of hotels. From the caustic solvents and detergents to inefficient heating and cooling, the traditional hotel is no friend to the ecosystems around it. Fear not, however, as The Green Line鈥檚 travel and lifestyle team have put together some fabulous eco-friendly聽 homes from our friends over at AirBnB!

AirBnB has been cited by the United Nation鈥檚 conference on climate change as an extremely effective way to contribute to green house gas emission reductions. Residential houses are largely more efficiently built than the vast majority of hotels. Managing small scale guest turnover allows your hosts to more carefully manage their environmental practices.

With AirBnB you can find vacation spots too inaccessible or private for large scale hotels making a unique vacation for you and your loved ones.聽If you are an eco-friendly home geek, you can search on AirBnB exclusively for eco-friendly homes.聽 So without further delay, let鈥檚 see where we鈥檙e off to next!


The Green Line Market Eco-Friendly products

Eco-Friendly Homes on the Irish Countryside

Starting in the Emerald Isles, this beautiful apartment in modernized farm style is available for your agro-tourism pleasure. Located on a working organic farm in Glenties Co. Donegal, it鈥檚 complete with farm shop and verdant green fields, and the eco-mandate to live up to its surroundings!

Features include:

Underfloor heating and hot water for the household created by a wood gasifier using Timber sourced from the farm鈥檚 own managed forests. Ecological cleaning and personal hygiene products are used and provided for guests, as well as a waste sorting system in place to reduce landfill. Ingredients for meals are largely local and seasonal, and ingredients to cook in the apartments are available from the farm shop.


Eco-Friendly homes on airbnb

Eco-Friendly and High tech Amsterdam houseboat

Moving further into Europe we find this beautiful contemporary eco-home in the cultural mecca of Amsterdam. This jewel of The Netherlands is known to be one of the greenest cities in the world, from it鈥檚 signature bicycle culture to the tulips in spring, and this clean-lined beauty will keep you staying in that groove. The glass clad houseboat allows for you to swim and sleep in one of Amsterdam鈥檚 quintessential canals all in a euro-spa chic residence. The hosts pride themselves on eco-friendly management practices from energy and water usage, to only using green household products. The hot water is provided courtesy of solar power and the entire home is temperature regulated using a differential heating and cooling system!


Eco-Friendly Home Products

Venice Beach Home with an Eco-Friendly Green Twist

From European canals to the trendy waterways of tinsel town, this Venice California home puts you right in the heart of mainstream green. From trendy vegan restaurants and organic cafe鈥檚 to surfing at Venice Beach, this is the place to be. The charming deco-era arts-and-crafts bungalow will provide a quiet oasis from which to base. Your host is committed to using organic linens and non-toxic cleaning and care products, ensuring a healthy stay you鈥檒l cherish.


Green Line Market Eco-Friendly feature homes

Explore the Canadian Rockies off-grid

Getting away from it all can be tricky, but this final destination will give you all the privacy that nature can provide! Nestled on 40 private acres in Duncan, British Columbia, big skies, mountains and forests are all at your doorstep and make up your panoramic views! What better way to experience it than in an earth construction off-the-grid gem! From hiking and exploring the beautiful Canadian wilderness to just cozying up by the fire, this is the place to be. Aside from being off-the grid, ecological cleaners and personal products are the name of the game at this incredible green home, so you can feel just as balanced inside as the views are out your windows.

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