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5 Uses For Lavender Essential Oil

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What Are Essential Oils?


Individuals have been using essential oils as part of alternative therapy for many years. These oils can be used in many practices such as aromatherapy or yoga and for various reasons.  There is also a very large selection of oils such as lavender essential oil, ylang-ylang essential oil and sandalwood essential oil among others. If you have never used them before, either in the home or with an alternative therapy practitioner, you may wonder exactly what they are and how they are best used.

Essential oils are natural products which are extracted from plants. Not all plants produce oil but of the ones that do, these oils contain the “essence” or scent of the plant. There are a number of different extraction methods that can be used such as distillation, expression or supercritical C02 extraction. When using essential oils it is important to remember that these products should not be orally consumed. Rather they are intended for use through smelling or rubbing topically on your skin. These oils are highly concentrated so must be diluted prior to use. They have also been known to cause allergic reactions so keep this in mind during use and stop using immediately if you notice signs of a reaction.[/vc_wp_text][vc_single_image image=”26613″ img_size=”large” alignment=”center”][vc_wp_text]

Top 5 Uses For Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender essential oil is a favourite among many due to its versatility. It has been proven to have some very powerful benefits particularly in relation to anxiety, sleeplessness and inflammation. Below, we talk about the top five uses for lavender essential oil and why it is a great addition to have in your home. [/vc_wp_text][vc_wp_text]

Supports The Nervous System


If you suffer from anxiety or stress, studies have shown that lavender has a calming effect on the nervous system. Not only is the fragrance soothing and relaxing but it’s therapeutic properties also acts as a balance. The next time that you are feeling under pressure or anxious, rub 2 to 3 drops of this essential oil into your cupped hands and inhale. By inhaling the scent, it will travel to the part of the brain (the amygdala) that acts as our emotion control board and calm us. For an immediate calming effect, you can also rub lavender essential oil on your temples or wrists. Another great thing is it can easily be put in your pocket or handbag for everyday emergencies. [/vc_wp_text][vc_wp_text]

Improves Sleep Quality


Those who suffer from insomnia and poor sleep have praised the beneficial effect that lavender has. Similarly, in the way that it helps to calm our bodies and mind when we are feeling anxious, by inhaling lavender essential oils prior to going to bed, it can greatly improve our quality of sleep. Consider keeping a diffuser beside your bed or using the cupping method mentioned above. It’s relaxing and soothing properties will feel to calm any racing thoughts you are having and promote a good nights rest. [/vc_wp_text][vc_raw_html]JTNDaDIlMjBzdHlsZSUzRCUyMnRleHQtYWxpZ24lM0ElMjBjZW50ZXIlM0IlMjIlM0UlM0NzdHJvbmclM0VTdWJzY3JpYmUlMjB0byUyMG91ciUyMG5ld3NsZXR0ZXIlM0MlMkZzdHJvbmclM0UlM0MlMkZoMiUzRSUwQSUzQ3AlMjBzdHlsZSUzRCUyMnRleHQtYWxpZ24lM0ElMjBjZW50ZXIlM0IlMjIlM0VBbWF6aW5nJTIwZ2l2ZWF3YXlzJTJDJTIwaGVhbHRoeSUyMGxpdmluZyUyMGlkZWFzJTIwYW5kJTIwYmV0dGVyJTIwYnJhbmRzLiUzQyUyRnAlM0UlMEElM0NwJTIwc3R5bGUlM0QlMjJ0ZXh0LWFsaWduJTNBJTIwY2VudGVyJTNCJTIyJTNFJTVCeWlrZXMtbWFpbGNoaW1wJTIwZm9ybSUzRCUyMjElMjIlNUQlM0MlMkZwJTNF[/vc_raw_html][vc_wp_text]

Acts As A Pain Reliever


It is also known for being a good pain reliever. Many people who suffer from headaches have noted that by massaging lavender essential oil into their temples, forehand and neck can effectively help in the pain management of headaches. If you suffer a minor cut, lavender oil can also be used to promote cell regeneration by applying a dilution of the essential oil with distilled water. Studies have also shown that for women during the menstrual cycle, its use can alleviate menstrual cramps. [/vc_wp_text][vc_wp_text]

Is An Anti-Inflammatory


Lavender contains anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which can be used for treating various ailments. For those of you who suffer from itchy skin caused by eczema or insect bites, lavender oil is packed full of antioxidants meaning that it is great for reducing redness and inflammation while also nourishing the skin. Similarly, it can also be used to help combat acne flare-ups.[/vc_wp_text][vc_wp_text]

Improves Hair Growth


Lastly, it can be used to improve hair growth. Lavender essential oils have natural properties that help to improve the body’s blood circulation and also has the ability to nourish our scalps. Consider adding a few drops of lavender oil to an olive oil mixture and massage into the scalp a few times each week. Additionally, by using this essential oil it will help to alleviate imbalances in the scalp such as dandruff. With use of overtime, many people have noticed the improvement in both their hair growth and quality.[/vc_wp_text][vc_wp_text]

Discover The Magic Of Essential Oils


Essential oils as an alternative form of therapy are proven to be highly effective for everyday uses. Whether you are using it as part of yoga, meditation or diffusing oil as part of a nightly routine, you will be sure to reap the benefits that these oils have to offer. [/vc_wp_text][vc_row title=””]

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